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“Trust me this is not the last time you will hear from this band.”
      – Tom Spinelli, Melodic.net

“Never have I been more curious of a name than I have been of New York based rockers Underwhelmed, whose music is anything but what the name suggests.  Listening to their full-length debut Reveal is an absolute treat that rarely leaves the listener wanting more.”
      – Kyle, Emurg.com

“Underwhelmed mow through songs of FM-ready rock with jaw-dropping professionalism.”
      – Nick, Tunelab.com

“Underwhelmed offers a beefy brand of melodic and commercially accessible modern-rock. Think Nickelback meets 3 Doors Down - big sound, big hooks and songs ready for radio. This band is ready to roll.”
      – Alan K. Stout, The Weekender Magazine

“Underwhelmed is an extraordinary, cutting edge group, that knows how to rock…the songs are packed with infectious hooks for mainstream appeal, and with a power and drive that keeps them from sounding like imitators. The band is definitely a force to be reckoned with.”
      – Barbara Thompson, LiveLiveMagazine.com

“Who the fuck are Underwhelmed and where can I get some more? These guys fucking kill! Get off your dead asses and grab their new record Reveal – it’s a must have.”
      – Tune Prospector, Professional Music Reviewer, Podcaster & Blogger

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